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My name is Thanh Nguyen.
I am a doctoral candidate in the Clinical Psychology doctoral program at the University of Massachusetts Boston.

For my dissertation, I am looking to interview Asian American adults (18yr+) from an Asian immigrant and Confucian-ethnic background (i.e., Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Taiwanese, and Vietnamese) who have a sibling or siblings with (formally diagnosed) autism to learn about their experience and relationships.

The interview would take about 2 hours and participants would be asked to complete a demographic form.

I am interested in learning from the perspectives of adult siblings without autism in the family.

Therefore, in addition to the description above, participants should have been (1) living in the US for at least five years and feels comfortable conversing in English, (2) have both caregivers who are immigrants or refugees, and (3) did not experience any major disabilities growing up that required accommodations or special educational and/or daily living support.

If you are interested in participating, please schedule an interview at https://bit.ly/3zMnApp

You will receive a $25 e-gift card as a thank you for your participation in the study.

I have included more information about the purpose of the study below.

If you have questions about the study, please email me at thanh.nguyen013@umb.edu

In addition, a link to resources for siblings and families with member(s) on the autism spectrum is also provided below.

Many people find it helpful to share their experiences in various ways. For those who may not be eligible for this study, many of these resources offer the space for support, connections, and sharing.

Thank you for your time and consideration!
Thanh Nguyen

More about the project:
For families of individuals on the autism spectrum, the shared experienced of living with and adjusting to their family member’s (dis)ability can bring forth unique family interactions, connections, as well as obstacles. While autism affects families across background and culture, very little attention has been given to the lived experiences of those from an Asian immigrant and Confucian-ethnic background. This research study specifically aims to understand the ways in which having a family member or members with autism influences the Asian American immigrant family experience and relationships over time.

This research study has been approved by the Institutional Review Board of the University of
Massachusetts Boston (#2021125).

For more information about autism-related resources for siblings and families, please visit

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